Find Out What A Self-Protectorate Is. Get The Book That's Changing The World!

"Self-protectorate is the institution of authority of the state characterized by unchangeable law.  It is the alternative to government."

"By many tokens, the U.S. Constitution has been considered leading the way for the formation of the best of western governments.  Since the ratification and adoption of the U.S. Constitution, American states and foreign nation-states have adopted similar systems of government based on this historically unique document.  However, similar failings that are found within the U.S. Constitution can also be found within other states’ constitutions as well, namely the creation of a mechanism whereby law can change..."

"When there are too many laws, and when the law is subject to change at any moment for any reason, the people are placed in a position of helplessness... This situation places the people of the state in a position of perpetual duress and confusion."

"A self-sustained, self-implemented, and self-directed protectorate, or what will be commonly known as a self-protectorate, is the alternative to government.  It is this alternative that can provide mankind with lasting peace and prosperity with truly equal freedoms and rights that governments frequently neglect or disregard."

"...if only all men were perfect and never had a selfish thought and did not act on greed, then it would not matter what authority of the state existed as there would never be any corruption.  However, the idea of self-protectorate takes into consideration the failings of mankind, and it is developed as a means of combating corruption in order to bring about a situation of lasting freedom and fairness for all people with as little interference from the state as possible."

"The primary purpose of a self-protectorate is to permanently shut systemic corruption out of the state..."